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Cat in Human Years:
Cat age       Human equivalent
1 month        10 months
3 months        7 years
6 months        9 years
1 year          24 years
2 years        36 years
3 years        42 years
4 years        45 years
5 years        48 years
... and so on, in steps of 3 cat years per human years...
18 years        87 years
19 years        90 years
20 years        93 years
Litter-box training: Cats are naturally hygienic but benefit from a little help from you. To ensure easy litter-box training, stick to the same brand of litter. Generally, cats prefer unscented, find-grained material. Position the box in an isolated location, away from loud noises, especially those from household appliances. Scoop it daily, and change the litter at least twice weekly. Never discipline your cat by placing her in the litter box. If you have more than 1 cat and they "ambush" each other in the box, avoid covered litter boxes, so that escape is always possible. Keep 1 litter box per cat and, ideally, 1 litter box on each floor of our home.
Jumping on counters: Cats like to survey their manors from a good height. Kitchen counters and tables are also ideal for hunting for food, so make sure this is not rewarded by not leaving food lying around. Food isn't always the problem: your cat may simply use the area as a high viewing location, so set aside an elevated location especially for this purpose.
Dogs eat. Cats dine. - Ann Taylor