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1. Safe Cat Foundation: 

Starting in 2009, we provide regular contributions to Safe Cat Foundation (



2. TVAR:

For many years (starting in 2007), we contribute regularly to TVAR, Tri-Valley Animal Rescue (



3. PAWS:

Here is one for YOU!

PAWS: The Progressive Animal Welfare Society ( advocates for animals through education, legislation and direct care.




4. Giving Back, YOU can do it and it's EZ and this one is Free & FUN! 


You may have seen on NBC a story about a 12-year old girl trying to help feed animals that have been abandoned or surrendered to shelters.  There is simply not enough money to feed them.  So the young girl has formed a not-for-profit - - and Kibble is helping to donate food.


This effort will cost you nothing- - yet it’s also fun!  If you CLICK HERE - - and then save the address in your “favorites” - - once a day you can have some fun and ensure free Kibble is provided.


Just answer the dog trivia question.  Regardless of whether you get the correct answer or not - - Kibble will be donated.  Don't forget to play for cats too!  You can click on the link daily and help feed both cats and dogs. Don't forget to click on the Totals Bone at the top!





THANK YOU for Giving Back!


"Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job." - Franklin P Jones