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Tail Waggers Pet & Home Care

Your pet deserves the best! Reliable Service since 1997

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Tips for a Happier Vacation
1.  Please tell the neighbors and gardener that we are going to be coming each day to take care of your  pets. Please tell gate security also, if applicable.
2.  Leave a radio playing softly. Your pet will enjoy the music, and it has a soothing effect. If your pet watches television, you may want to put the television on a timer.
3.  Leave a light on in the house. It can also be put on a timer. If you wish, we can vary the lighting each evening, so it will appear that someone is always home.
4.  Please put out an extra water bowl so your pet never runs out of water. We will keep them both full.
5.  Leave a phone number and name by the telephone of someone to call in the unlikely event of an emergency.
6.  Please set out any special medication your pet may need along with instructions for administration.
7.  Make certain any things your pets might get into (wastepaper baskets, dirty clothes hampers, etc.) are out of harm’s way.
8.  Make certain all doors and windows are locked and the security (if applicable) is on. Don’t forget to give Tail Waggers your security code and password!
9.  Shut the doors to any rooms that you want to keep your pets out of. We will make certain they stay shut.
10. If additional requests come to mind, please leave a note on the counter for us or give a call anytime.
11. Don’t worry about your pets, they are in good hands.
12. Use the Tail Waggers Wallet Card we provide you to call us should the need arise AND call when you return so we know you are back.

Have a great trip!
If you want the best seat in the house ... move the dog.