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Q: BE CAREFUL! Pets & mushrooms/fungus do not mix! Sadly, client's pet died after eating!
A: See: The Death Cap mushrooms @ American Mushrooms.

Q: Going on Vacation? Leave your Pet Sitters Prepared!

A: When most people decided to get a new pet, they almost always go looking for a puppy or kitten. I'd like to plead a case for getting a senior, or older, dog or cat instead.
  • Older pets come with more mature views on the art of living with humans. (In other words, they're will socialized!)
  • They already know the house rules for pets -- stay off the table, don't chew on things, don't beg at the table, don't go to the bathroom in the house, etc.
  • Senior cats already know how to use a litter box and senior dogs know how to ask to go out (aka: they're housebroken!)
  • Older animals already come with their own personalities.
  • Older dogs already know verbal commands like sit, stay, roll over, etc. (Older cats usually know their one command: No!)
  • That old saw "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" simply isn't true. Older animals are much easier to train than puppies or kittens. They also understand you better.
  • Older dogs are always ready to take a walk, ride in the car, or play Frisbee with you. Explain that  to a puppy!
  • Older dogs and cats are much less demanding on your time than puppies or kittens. They need less supervision and can usually stay home alone without destroying the house or yard while you're off at work.
  • Older animals are spayed or neutered if you adopt them from an animal shelter. They will have been tested for parasites and be up-to-date on all of their shots.

Guess what!? Contra Costa Animal Services, 4800 Imhoff Place, Martinez, has LOTS of older dogs and cats. Hours: 10am-5pm, Tuesday - Saturday; 10am-7pm, Wednesday; closed Sunday and Monday.